Dan Boucher founded Logic Online Inc, in 1990 bringing decades of experience as an IT architect/consultant

to Fortune 500 organizations.

As an IBM Destination z Business Partner he provides solutions from application and infrastructure
modernization to z skills and everything in between.

Dan is a highly accomplished z/OS Senior Solutions Architect / Technical Lead whose career has spanned many years with a verifiable record of handling complex IT projects. He is practiced in clarifying business requirements, performing gap analysis between objectives and existing procedures/skill sets, as well as system improvements to increase throughput and reduce costs.

Dan has extensive experience in the implementation of Business Systems and strong interpersonal skills. He is able to tactfully facilitating deliberations with stakeholders. Dan is recognized as a technologist who is able to design and implement technical solutions that reduce total cost of ownership and deliver a strong return on investment.

Additional areas of expertise include:

_ Process Analysis & Redesign (mapping)               _ System Solution Architectures                                      
_ Data Profiling                                               _ DB2, CICS, IMS, COBOL, VSAM                              
_ Legacy Renovation                                              _ Software Change Impact Analysis
_ Information Quality                                          _ z/OS Enterprise Class Performance concerns (I/O, MIPS)
_ Separation of Concerns (SoC) RIPPLE-TRAC (*)

(*) At its essence, Separation of Concerns is about order. The overall goal of Separation of Concerns is to establish a well-organized system where each part fulfills a meaningful and intuitive role while maximizing its ability to adapt to change hence RIPPLE-TRAC.


 Dan’s knowledge spans the diverse technologies and new technical architecture principles and concepts within z/OS 64-bit operating system for Mainframe Computers, created by IBM and all its predecessors.

He reengineered and integrated systems for large corporations such as IBM research, IBM Micro Electronics division, New England Financial, Mellon Bank, Fidelity Investments, Mercedes Benz, Chase Manhattan Bank, Massachusetts General Hospital, UNUM, Allmerica Financial, Liberty Mutual, Dreyfus Mutual Funds and Epsilon (an American Express company).  At the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, he was the architect of the electronic ticketing system.  He initiated disaster recovery planning for Iron Mountain.

He is also the architect behind the RIPPLE-TRAC technology.