Phenyl isocyanate
        Cyclohexyl Isocyanate
        Octadecyl Isoayanate
        Ethyl Isocyanate
        3-Chlorophenyl isocyanate
        P-Toluenesulfonyl Isocyanate
        2,6-Diisopropylphenyl isocyanate
        M-toluol Isocyanate
        2-Chlorophenyl isocyanate
        Tert-butyl Isocyanate
        4-Chloro-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl isocyanate
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    4-Chloro-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl isocyanate

    CAS NO.: 327-78-6  
    C.M.F: C8H3ClF3NO  
    M.W: 221.56  
    Appearance: white to off-white crystal. 
    Properties: Melting point 35-36℃; Boiling point 201.7℃; Density 1.4; Flash point 84.9℃
    Content: ≥99% 
    Main use: Intermediate of Sorafenib 
    Packaging: 250kg/drum
    Operation and storage: Sealed in a cool and dry place. Moisture-sensitive.

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